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When she was seventeen
she was sold to a baron
for gold and silk.

A bride should never smile
her uncle had said,

and she didn't,

not even at the birth of her

Eighteen years.

Then she'd met him -
a well read fellow,
a man of sweeping, romantic narratives

an affair that spanned
half a decade

weaved from intricate
sentences and sexual adventurism.

But she was caught,
mislaid somewhere among the
sighs of the dying.
indian brides don't smile - it's poor etiquette
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she twisted silver wire
to tie the sun and moon
(white and gold)
into jewels,
on top of abstract crowns;
for the king
and his queens.

but they left us.

they left us jagged bones -
our lovers in stone

his calcified princes
still cradled in mothers wombs;
their fingers curled
around ivory ribs -

these children
who will never age -

pan's lost boys
who followed the light,
the second star on the right.


and gregarious boys,

birds above men,

they soared and unravelled
the tarnished fetters
between moon and sun.


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I want to live on a moon made of cheese, inside a gingerbread house, with a marshmallow hedge and lollipop trees.

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